Blooming Bodies

Mother-Daughter Workshop


This workshop is for mums who are wishing to support their daughter as her body begins to bloom. 

Join us at this gathering for girls age 7-9 ish years and their mothers (or other female caregivers) as we explore natural body changes and learn Reflexology to support their emotional and hormonal rhythms.

We look at the importance of loving ourselves, honouring our bodies and how to strengthen our connection with our inner wisdom.

This workshop will include understanding body changes as girls begin to journey toward puberty. We will touch on the menstrual cycle in a basic and fun way and learn self care. 

Date: Saturday 14th July 2018
Time: 2-4:30pm
Fee: £15 per person
Venue: Hertford, Hertfordshire
   To book your spaces email Kate or call her on 07786 627299
Private Workshops are available for a group of friends. 

 Blooming Bodies & Menstrual Cycle Workshop

  Daughters age 9-11 +11-14  

Has your daughter started her menstrual flow or showing signs of starting soon?

Join other mums and daughters to spend some special time together as we explore our menstrual cycle and learn Reflexology techniques to prepare for first menstrual flow, alleviate back pain, headaches/migraine, PMS, cramping and other issues.

We look at the importance of honouring our bodies, loving ourselves, trusting in our inner wisdom and how to enhance this.

This first workshop is for those of you who wish to learn tools to help your daughter so she can prepare/support her menstrual flow. This will help you to be at harmony with each other and strengthen your mother/daughter bond. 
When: July 2018 - Email Kate for next dates
Fee: £15 per person  

This workshop is great for a group of friends and their mums!
Private workshops available.
For more information, dates and venue email Kate