Reflexology for fertility

Reflexology for Sub-fertility

Sub-fertility can occur in both men and women and is an in-between state when they are neither infertile nor can yet conceive.

Some women can have problems conceiving as they have had traumatic experiences, such as termination of pregnancy, previous pregnancy and childbirth, fears of unknown origin or are trying too hard to conceive.

There are many reasons for sub-fertility including, stress, life style, and physical state of health. For some couples there seems to be no reason at all.

How can Reflexology help?

Reflexology already has an excellent reputation with helping sub-fertile couples to conceive. The qualities of reflexology for creating a balanced mind, body and spirit give the best environment for an Incoming Soul.

Regular treatments can :

Fertility procedures

Some of you may find that after medical investigations you will be embarking upon Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) procedures including :

The calming and relaxing effects of reflexology can support and prepare you leading up to these procedures and help to ensure that your body is in optimum condition. Reflexology treatments can also be effective prior to and during taking fertility drugs.

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