Reflexology for Fertility

An increasing number of women are finding it difficult to conceive with as many as one in three couples experiencing fertility problems. Of these, one in six will seek medical help with conception.

Getting help to get pregnant can be both stressful and expensive. Reflexology for fertility can provide help and support for only a fraction of the price, and works in a number of ways to enhance fertility.

On a physical level it can tackle medical conditions that may be present. It is also excellent at reducing levels of stress. Psychologically it may also help address the complex mental and emotional facts that may be affecting your fertility.


Reproductive reflexology can be used as a stand-alone treatment to enhance your natural fertility or with conventional treatments, such as Clomid, with fully medicated cycles of IUI, IVF, ICSI as well as with donor eggs.


Initially we meet for a consultation which will include the taking of a full medical history and detailed notes on your diet and lifestyle before deciding on a course of treatment. There may also be some diagnostic reflexology. I prefer to see both partners if possible but this is not essential.

The initial consultation (90 mins) £80 

Further treatments (45 mins) £40 

Treatments are offered from the privacy of my home in Bengeo, Hertford. 

 Call Kate on 07786 627299 or email  

Kate is a fully qualified Reflexologist with 16+ years experience.

Having trained with Barbara Scott she is also a fully qualified Reproductive Reflexologist and a Full Member of the Association of Reproductive 

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