I became inspired to be a Doula from my beautiful personal experiences during pregnancy, birth and motherhood and wish to share my compassion and devotion in supporting women and baby emotionally, physically and spiritually along their path.
Feeling supported by another woman during pregnancy, birth and motherhood allows us to discover our strength, peace and in turn our inner wisdom to make confident, intuitive decisions for ourselves and our babies. 
I have experience of supporting breast feeding, post natal depression, teenage pregnancy and single parenthood and as a Maternity Reflexologist can help relieve ailments during your pregnancy, birth and postnatally. For my fees get in touch

I offer a free consultation to talk about my services further and answer any questions. This can take place in the comfort of your home or via Skype. Antenatal guidance is part of my service but can be accessed as a separate entity if you do not wish to have me at your birth. Get in touch 07786 627299. 

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