Would you like to help your daughter learn about the menstrual cycle?



 Menstrual Cycle Workshop

  Mothers + Daughters (8+ years)

 Join us to learn Reflexology techniques to prepare your daughter for her menstrual cycle and ease ailments such as back pain, headaches/migraine, PMS, cramping and other cycle related ailments.

We explore the importance of listening to our bodies wisdom and how to enhance our natural healing for well being.

This wonderful workshop is for those of you who wish to learn tools to help their daughter with her menstrual cycle and help your mother-daughter bond to create harmony between you. 
When: Sundays TBC
Where: Cumbria
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Fee: £15 per person  
To book your spaces contact Kate on 07786 627299 or message me via Orange Bloom Reflexologist on facebook